PDLC Tech Ltd, the UK based company behind Link My Books, is a tech start up company specialising in Amazon Seller Software.

The owners are Pete Moran and myself, Daniel Little.

Between us we have 10+ years of Amazon Selling experience having built up multiple brands to £1m+ in yearly revenues.

We know first hand the headaches that Amazon sellers face each and every day, but with a marketplace full of "gurus" and "seller tools" we knew we didn't want to join their club.

We wanted to solve some genuinely tricky and often overlooked problems which can seriously drain your time as a seller and distract your from pushing your brands forward.

Our first stab at that is Link My Books, an application for Xero users wanting to account for their Amazon Sales and Fees automatically.

We wanted Link My Books to be a "set it and forget it" application, something you could spend an hour or so setting up with your accountant and then let it do all the hard work to keep your bookkeeping in a highly organised format, whilst providing super useful growth insights too.

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