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How to connect additional sales channels
How to connect additional sales channels

Adding additional Amazon seller accounts or eBay accounts

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Adding additional sales channel connections is just as simple as when you added the first one.

From any screen click your account name and the dropdown menu below will be shown:

Simply click Add new account then follow the same 5 steps to connect your additional accounts as you did when connecting the first account.

The only difference comes in step 5 when you are connecting to Xero or QuickBooks.

As this is an additional account you will have the choice to share the Xero/QuickBooks connection or add a new one.

You would want to share the connection if you are adding an additional seller account that uses the same Xero/QuickBooks organisation as your existing account.

In this case simply select the organisation from the list shown in step 5.

If your new account uses a different Xero/QuickBooks organisation you'll need to Add a new Xero account or Add a new QuickBooks account.

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