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How to check what VAT rates to apply to Esty Fees
How to check what VAT rates to apply to Esty Fees

Where to find the VAT rates on Etsy Fees

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This article will show you where to look on Etsy to find out what tax rate is being applied to your Etsy fees. This is not tax advice and you should always check with your accountant or tax advisor before making any decisions about what tax rates to apply.


My business is located in the UK

Since Etsy invoices its fees from Ireland, if your business is located in the UK if you have given them your GB VAT number then they will not be charging VAT on their fees.

To check if you are paying VAT on your Etsy fees, firstly you'll need to log in to Etsy and navigate to Shop Manager > Finances > Payment account. Once there, click on the month to get an invoice for that period. The download link will appear above the breakdown of your activity for the month:

Once you download the statement it will look like this:

On the bottom of the invoice is the tax rate Etsy has applied to your fees.

My business is located outside the UK

For businesses established outside the UK other tax rates can apply to Etsy Fees.

For the latest information direct from Etsy see this help article.

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