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Adjusting QuickBooks journals for split month settlement of more than 2 months
Adjusting QuickBooks journals for split month settlement of more than 2 months

If a settlement spans 3+ months follow this guidance if you're using QuickBooks

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If a settlement period spans greater than 2 calendar months then the split-month rollover function doesn't work then and you won’t be able to match your journal to bank reconciliation in QuickBooks.

What you need to do here is edit the QuickBooks journals to manually account for the split-month rollover.

During this article, we will refer to the "first journals" and the "final journal".

First journals refers to the journal entries for the first parts of the settlement.

Final journal refers to the last journal entry in the settlement date range.

If you get stuck at any point then you can always reach out to the support team to ask us for help. We can even do this for you if you give us permission on your QuickBooks account. Speak to support for more details.

Step 1

On the first journals you need to edit the lines which currently show as "Transfer to bank" or "Payment to Amazon" and instead make them "Split month rollover balance" - and allocate them to the Reserved Balances account with the tax rate left blank.

The journals will look something like this to begin with:

This is the adjustment you’ll need to make, and then save the changes:

Journal 1:

Do this for the first journals (this needs to be done for all but the final journal entry)

Journal 2:

Step 2

Then on the final journal entry add a new line item on the journal ‘Split Month Roll Over Balances’ for the sum of the lines on the other journals that you have just reallocated to Reserved Balances Account.

If the first 2 were debits, then this line needs to be credit. It will should be allocated to the Reserved Balances account.

In this case it was 6.89 Credit (journal 1) + 147.47 Debit (journal 2), so 140.58 Credit needs to be entered on the new line on journal 3.

Then also edit the line item for the bank transfer amount accordingly to account for these new items you rolled forward - the bank transfer amount will now be the full balance for the settlement payout.

Save the changes you’ve made.

The journal will then show up as an option to match on the bank reconciliation for that deposit:

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].

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