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Each time Amazon make a payout to you, they generate a report called the "Settlement Report". This report contains all of the transactions that took place on your account during that payout period.

Link My Books takes these settlement reports and breaks down all of the transactions into groups, creating an easy to understand summary which can then be sent to Xero or QuickBooks. 

How to send my settlements to Xero or QuickBooks

To send your settlements to Xero or QuickBooks is quick and easy with Link My Books.

Option 1: Send from Dashboard
You can send the settlements from the dashboard page by clicking the "Send Settlement" buttons one at a time:

Option 2: Automatically send
On the Settlement Settings page turn on "Auto Post Settlements" and backdate the date for auto posting to a date of your choice:

What if I want to view the detail of the settlement before sending it?

You can also view the settlement detail first on the view settlement pages.
Starting on the Dashboard page, choose the settlement you want to review and click the view icon as shown below:

Click the Show invoice detail to show the full breakdown of an invoice as shown below:

Once you are happy return to the dashboard and click "Send Settlement" to send the entire settlement to Xero or QuickBooks.

IMPORTANT: If you click the "Send Invoice" buttons on the view settlement page, you are only sending individual parts of the settlement. 

This can be useful if, for example, you have a settlement that spans two months.

In the screenshot above you will see that instead of sending the entire settlement you could also choose to only send the January or February part of it should you wish to.

What if I am using the Cost of Goods Sold Tracking?

If you are using our COGS tracking feature, by default when you send a settlement from the dashboard or using the auto post feature, we will also send your COGS bills too.

If you want to view your COGS bills before sending them you can do so by viewing the settlement and then clicking on the Cost of Goods Sold tab:

Here you can check that the landed cost of each product SKU is accurate and update it if needed as shown below.
If you need to change the currency of your landed costs or want to update all of your products in bulk you can do so from the Product Costs page.

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