The Link My Books dashboard may look a little intense at first sight but we tried to make it as intuitive and simple to follow as possible.

There are 5 main sections we'll break down below:

  1. Sorting & Searching
  2. Settlement Validation
  3. Sending Settlements
  4. Settlement Actions
  5. Bulk Actions

Sorting & Searching

If you are looking for a particular settlement or want to display them differently on your dashboard then you have a few options.

You can sort your settlements by Marketplace, Amount or Date. To do this simply click the ⬍ icon in the column you want to sort by. Clicking it again will sort in the opposite direction. 

If you are looking for a particular settlement and know either the Marketplace, Amount or Date then just start typing in the search bar and your settlements will instantly be filtered for that term.

Settlement Validation

These three columns indicate whether or not a settlement has all of the required data to be sent to Xero.

The first column Accounts, indicates if a the settlement has an account assigned to all of the Amazon transaction types contained in that settlement.

The second column Tax Rates, indicates if a the settlement has tax rates assigned to all of the Amazon transaction types contained in that settlement.

The third column Item Costs, indicates if all products/SKUs sold as part of that settlement have their cost data entered. (Note that this column is only displayed if the Cost of Goods Sold is turned on)

If any of these 3 columns show an error mark then you will not be able to send the settlement until the error is fixed. Simply click the error mark to find out how to fix it.

Sending Settlements

The Send to Xero column allows you to send settlements to Xero directly from the dashboard. (You also have the option of viewing them in more detail first before you send them, which we'll cover in the next section)

If a settlement has been sent already then Settlement Sent will be displayed, clicking this message will display when the settlement was sent to Xero.

Settlement Actions

The Action column contains three settlement actions.

The 🔍icon is the View Settlement action. Clicking it will display that settlements invoice (and bill if you have COGS turned on) and allow you to check them before sending to Xero. Learn more about the View Settlement page here.

The 🔄icon is the Refresh action. You will generally only use this action if you have changed a settlement setting and want to reflect those changes on a settlement. 

The 🗑icon is the Delete action. This action removes a settlement from your dashboard. You would only need to use this action if you want to delete any settlements you do not wish to send to Xero (for example ones from before you began using Link My Books that are already in Xero). 

We don't advise deleting settlements that you have sent from Link My Books to Xero as inside Xero there is a link on each invoice or bill back to the Link My Books settlement page which could be useful for your accountant should they need more detail later on.

Bulk Actions

The last column is the Bulk Actions feature. This allows you to select multiple settlements at a time (or even all settlements) and apply one of two bulk actions to them.

You can refresh settlements in bulk and you can also send settlements in bulk using this action.

To select multiple settlements simply check their bulk action check boxes or to select all settlements, check the top bulk action check box.

Processing times for bulk actions can take a while depending on how many settlements you include. Once a bulk action is complete you will receive a notification.

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