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An overview of the Settlement Dashboard page

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The Link My Books dashboard may look a little intense at first sight but we tried to make it as intuitive and simple to follow as possible.

There are 4 main sections we'll break down below:

  1. Searching

  2. Settlement Status

  3. Settlement Actions

  4. Bulk Actions


If you are looking for a particular settlement and know either the Marketplace, Amount or Date then just start typing in the search bar and your settlements will instantly be filtered for that term.

Settlement Status

The Status column shows if the settlement is ready to send, sent, processing or has an error.

If there is an error the Action dropdown will indicate what needs to be done to resolve the error.

Here is a list of all of the potential statuses and required actions:

Ready to Send
Ready to send is shown when an invoice has been fully processed and is ready to be sent to Xero/QuickBooks.

Awaiting VAT
Awaiting VAT is shown when we are waiting for the Amazon VAT Report to finish processing an invoice. This is generated by Amazon on the 5th of the following month each month.

Sent is shown on invoices that have been sent to Xero/QuickBooks, along with the date which they were sent on.

Locked status is shown when a settlement is for a period outside of the last 90 days and you are still on a free trial with us. To unlock the settlement, subscribe to a paid plan.

Processing is shown when a settlement's data is still be processed. This usually only takes a few minutes. This is also shown when you refresh a settlement.

Error is shown on settlements that have failed to process. Usually, an error is accompanied by a required action, explaining what is needed to fix the error. If no action is shown, please contact support for further assistance.

Select Marketplace
Select Marketplace is shown when the marketplace for a settlement is unknown. This occurs when a settlement contains no sales or refunds. You will need to manually select the settlements marketplace. For more info on this error see this help article.

Enter missing item costs
Enter missing item costs is shown if there are SKUs that have been sold as part of that settlement, that do not have product costs entered. This only shows if you are using our COGS tracking feature.

Add missing currency
Add missing currency shows if the currency of the settlement is not a currency available in your Xero/QuickBooks account. To resolve this you need to add the currency to Xero - you can do this by clicking the required action link in Link My Books. You will need the Premium version of Xero which includes multiple currencies. If you have QuickBooks follow the instructions here.


Settlement Actions

The Action dropdown contains all possible settlement actions.

View Settlement action. Clicking it will display that settlements invoice (and bill if you have COGS turned on) and allow you to check them before sending to Xero. Learn more about the View Settlement page here.

Refresh action. You will generally only use this action if you have changed a settlement setting and want to reflect those changes on a settlement.ย 

Send to Xero/QuickBooks action. This action send the summary invoice for that payout to Xero or QuickBooks. COGS bills are also sent if you have that feature turned on.

Hide action. This action hides a settlement from your dashboard. You can also un-hide a settlement that was previously hidden by toggling the Show Hidden button at the top of the dashboard and then clicking on the un-hide action for the hidden settlement.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions allow you to select multiple settlements at a time (or even all settlements) and apply one of two bulk actions to them.

You can refresh settlements in bulk and you can also hide settlements in bulk using this action.

To select multiple settlements hold the CTRL key on a PC or โŒ˜ on a MAC and then click all of the settlements you wish to apply a bulk action on.

Once you select at least 2 settlements you will see the bulk action options appear:

Then simply select the bulk action you want to use and you're done.

Processing times for bulk actions can take a while depending on how many settlements you include. Once a bulk action is complete you will receive a notification.

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