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How to add missing currencies to QuickBooks
How to add missing currencies to QuickBooks

Adding a new currency to your QuickBooks account

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If you are seeing the error message "Add missing currency" on settlements in your Link My Books dashboard then the currency of those settlements is not available in your QuickBooks account.

Before you can send those settlements to QuickBooks you will need to add the missing currency.

To add missing currencies to QuickBooks follow these 3 steps:

1. Turn on multi currency

2. Add the missing currencies:

3. Refresh QuickBooks cache

​Step 1 - Turn on multi currency in QuickBooks settings
Log in to your QuickBooks Online account and navigate to Settings > Your Company - Account & Settings > Advanced

Click on the pencil icon beside the "Currency" section and turn on Multi Currency as shown below:

If you are unable to see this option please check which version of Quickbooks Online you are subscribed to. Multi-currency is only available with Quickbooks Essentials or Plus

​Step 2 - Add the missing currencies

Click on "Manage Currencies" as shown below:

Click on "Add Currency" as shown below:

Step 3 - Refresh the QuickBooks cache on Link My Books

Return to Link My Books and navigate to Settings > Account Settings

Click on the "Refresh QuickBooks Cache" button as shown below:

Once you have added the currency to QuickBooks and refreshed the QuickBooks cache with Link My Books, then return to the dashboard and your settlements should no longer show the error and will be able to be sent to QuickBooks.

If you have any issues with this then please reach out to us at support.

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