To review and send your settlements to Xero is quick and easy with Link My Books.

Starting on the Dashboard page, choose the settlement you want to review and click the view icon as shown below:

The settlement will then appear as either a single invoice or two invoices (if the settlement period falls over two different months) in the Sales & Fees tab.
Click the Show invoice detail to show the full breakdown of an invoice as shown below:

You can then heck to ensure that the line items of the invoice have been mapped to the correct Accounts and Tax Rates as shown in below. (They should be as you set these up in step 3 of setup remember)

Once you have finished checking the Sales & Fees invoice, if you have Cost of Goods Sold turned on then you will also have a Cost of Goods Sold tab as shown below:

Here you can check that the landed cost of each product SKU is accurate and update it if needed as shown below.
If you need to change the currency of your landed costs or want to update all of your products in bulk you can do so from the Product Costs page.

Once you are happy that your Sales & Fees Invoice and COGS Bill (if applicable) is correct then you can send the settlement to Xero by clicking the Send Settlement To Xero button shown below:

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