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How to add a client account

For accountants only.

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In this help article, we will cover how to add a client account to Link My Books.

This article is for accountant users only. Individual users should add their own accounts using the process outlined in the Connect to your accounts help article.

When adding a client account the accountant will complete the connection to the bookkeeping account and select which sales channels the client sells through. Then the client will complete the sales channel connections.
This is because only the main account credentials for the sales channels can approve apps, so the clients themselves need to do this.
This article is a walkthrough of the actions the accountant will take.

Please see this help document for the steps the client needs to take to connect the sales channels.

Actions For The Accountant

You will need a user account with Link My Books to complete the following steps. See this help article if you need help setting up a user account.

Step 1 - Enter the client's company name and an optional client reference:

Step 2 - Select the sales channels the client sells on.

Step 3 - Select who will be the account owner, the accountant or the client. (The account owner is responsible for billing and user management on the account).

Step 4 - Connect to the client's bookkeeping account.

πŸ‘‰ For brand new clients use the Xero and QuickBooks buttons to connect a new bookkeeping account:

πŸ‘‰ If you are adding a new sales channel for an existing client then you can use the Connected accounts dropdown to use the same bookkeeping account connection:

πŸ‘‰ When connecting a brand new Xero account you will need to confirm the Xero account in an additional step:

Step 5 - Enter the client's information to add them as a user on the account and invite them to complete the sales channel connection(s).

Once all 5 steps are completed the client will receive an email asking them to connect to their sales channels.

Once the client connects all requested sales channels, the accountant will be notified by email and can move to the next stage - choosing accounts and tax rates in the guided tax wizard.

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].

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