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Do I need a Xero or QuickBooks account to set up Link My Books?
Do I need a Xero or QuickBooks account to set up Link My Books?

In this article we explain how it is possible after set up to use Link My Books without a Xero or QuickBooks account

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When you first set up a Link My Books account we ask you to connect your sales channel and also either a Xero or QuickBooks account.

If you do not use Xero or QuickBooks you can use a trial account for either of them for the purposes of setting up Link My Books.

It is a much quicker, smoother and streamlined process to use Xero or QuickBooks with Link My Books.

If however, you have another accounting software product that you wish to upload information into, then you can download the settlement information in Link My Books to a CSV file.

What steps are involved?

1. Follow Steps 1 - 3 in the Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up Link My Books connecting a trial Xero or QuickBooks account up as your bookkeeping account.

2. Review your settlement information on the dashboard by using the View button on the Action drop-down

3. Once in the View option, check your settlement transactions and then select 'Download'

The download file will include all the detailed transactions within that particular settlement which you can then upload to your bookkeeping system manually.

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