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Do I need a Xero or QuickBooks account to set up Link My Books?In this article we explain how it is possible after set up to use Link My Books without a Xero or QuickBooks account
How can I check if I've sent a settlement more than once to Xero or Quickbooks?
Can I send foreign currency settlements to Xero or QuickBooks without a currency subscription?
How do I change from QuickBooks to Xero or Vice Versa?This article explains how to change your accounting software.
What should I do if my settlements aren't showing the correct tax rates?How to change tax rates, refresh and then re-send a settlement
Can I have multiple sales channels connected to Link My Books?How to connect multiple Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Walmart and TikTok Shop accounts to Link My Books
How can I switch my Link My Books account from one accountant to another?Migrating your account from one accountant to another
Can I change the email address I use with Link My Books?
I have a peak in sales but they are due to drop, can my subscription reflect this?How your subscription can deal with seasonal sales
Can I use Link My Books if I use the VAT flat rate scheme?This article shows how you can use Link My Books when you are on a Flat Rate Scheme for VAT.
Why might there be differences between data in Link My Books and either my accounting or sales channel reports?If you are looking at your data in Link My Books and comparing it to other reports then it may not always match - why is this?
How do I get older data?When your current plan doesn't cover the full amount of historical data you require
EU VAT OSS (One Stop Shop) Rules from July 2021
How to migrate from A2X to Link My BooksStep by step guide to copying your settings and mappings from A2X to Link My Books
Does Link My Books work with Xero Cashbook or Xero Ledger?
Rollback feature - how does it work?Rollback settlement entries in Xero or QuickBooks as if they never happened
Seller ToolKit integrationSync your product costs with Seller ToolKit
Assign Xero tracking options to product groupsHow to apply Xero tracking category options to product groups
Enter product costs monthlyHow the monthly product costs feature works
Hide inactive SKUsHow to hide products that you don't need in your SKU list
Allow bulk upload of new SKUsTurn this on to allow you to upload a list of all SKUs, even those not yet detected in Link My Books
Download settlements to a CSVDownloading your Link My Books settlement summaries to a CSV file for a specified date range
Settlement Settings > Xero settingsHow to change the due date or status we apply to invoices sent to Xero
Setting different COGS accounts by product groupHow to set different COGS accounts for each product group