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Seller ToolKit integration
Seller ToolKit integration

Sync your product costs with Seller ToolKit

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What does the integration with Seller ToolKit do?

Integrating your Seller ToolKit account with Link My Books allows you to sync your product costs from Seller ToolKit to Link My Books at the click of a button.

What information is shared with Seller ToolKit?

When you refresh your product costs via the Seller ToolKit integration we send a list of your SKUs to Seller ToolKit and request the latest costs for each of them.

Seller ToolKit then returns the latest costs for those SKUs and they are updated in Link My Books.

How to set up the Seller ToolKit integration

  1. Navigate to Product Costs > Integrations in Link My Books

  2. Select the Seller ToolKit integration

  3. Enter your Link My Books API Token (available on request from Seller ToolKit)

How to refresh product costs

Once integrated, click the Refresh Costs button to pull in and update the latest costs.

How to disconnect Seller ToolKit

Click the dropdown menu to the right of Refresh Costs and select the Disconnect Seller ToolKit option.

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