For accounts with large numbers of SKUs who do not want to manually update the product costs on the Product Costs settings page itself, we have the option of a bulk upload.

Step 1

Click the Bulk Upload link just above the product costs table and you will then see the screen below:

Step 2

Download your product costs template by clicking the link shown above.
This file will include a list of all of your SKUs with their corresponding Product Titles and current Landed Costs as shown below:

Step 3

Enter your updated landed costs in column C and then save the file in its current CSV format, as shown above.
Go back to Link My Books and choose the file and click Upload.

Depending on the number of SKUs being updated the bulk upload could take a few minutes to complete.

A quick refresh of the page will show if the bulk upload is complete.

If you encounter an error with this bulk upload it is likely because Excel has changed the CSV file format. Please see this article on how to resolve that:

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