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Common issues with bulk upload files and how to fix them
Common issues with bulk upload files and how to fix them

If you're struggling to bulk upload product costs or groups then you can troubleshoot using this guide.

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When bulk uploading your product costs or product groups to Link My Books you may receive an error message if your file contains an error.

This guide will help you to troubleshoot and identify the issue.

Is your file using the correct headings?

The first thing to check is that you have downloaded the product file from Link My Books and that you haven't edited any of the headings.

To download your product file follow the instructions in this help article.

The file will have 4 columns:


Product Name

Landed Cost

Product Group

To resolve: You should not edit the file headings, nor should you add any extra columns as this can cause an issue.

Have you edited or added SKUs?

If you have edited anything in the SKU column or added any new SKUs to the file then you will see an error.

To resolve: Don't change anything in the SKU column. If you want to upload products that are not in the Link My Books file then please contact support and we can help you with this.

Does your file contain duplicates?

If your file contains multiple entries for the same SKU then this can cause an error.

To resolve: Check that your file doesn't contain any duplicates. An easy way to do this is to use Excel's built-in duplicate checker.

Has Excel automatically changed your data?

Sometimes if your SKUs begin with a number then Excel can convert them without you knowing.

To resolve: Follow these instructions to ensure you open the product file correctly.

Have you saved your file as a CSV?

We only accept uploads in CSV format. If you try to upload a file in another format the upload will fail.

To resolve: When you have finished working on your product file you should save it as a CSV, not as an xls or xlsx file format.

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