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How to upload costs from SellerBoard to Link My Books
How to upload costs from SellerBoard to Link My Books

Our bulk upload now accepts files from SellerBoard

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Our bulk upload feature has been updated πŸ™Œ.

We've added the ability to upload your product costs using the product file from SellerBoard, which will:

  • Save you time

  • Improve cost accuracy

  • Streamline your workflow

If you're using SellerBoard and you enter your costs on it then you can now export your product file from SellerBoard and import it into Link My Books to update all your product costs.

How to upload costs from SellerBoard to Link My Books

Step 1: Export your Product file from SellerBoard:

Step 2: Open the file and save it as a .csv file instead of a .xls file as Link My Books only accepts uploads in .csv format.

Step 3: Upload your file to Link My books via the Product Costs page:

How the bulk upload from SellerBoard works

When you upload your SellerBoard product file we use the SKU, Title and Cost columns to update the information in your Link My Books account.

If a row contains the SKU, Title and Cost fields then we will update the Product Name and Cost in Link My Books.

If a row is missing the Title field but the SKU and Cost are available then we will only update the cost in our system.

If a row is missing either the SKU or the Cost then we will ignore it.


Can I upload new SKUs?

By default, we only allow updates via bulk upload for SKUs already in our database. However, if you contact us we can change this on your account so that you can upload new SKUs that are not yet in Link My Books and we will then add them for you.

How does Link My Books handle SellerBoard Costs that are batch/period based?

When you upload or update costs in Link My Books we automatically refresh any settlements that have not yet been sent to your bookkeeping platform. When they are refreshed the new costs are applied. If a settlement is already sent then it is not automatically refreshed and so the costs are not updated.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this new feature or have any other feature suggestions then please get in touch with the support team.

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