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Some of my products are missing the product costs/groups page
Some of my products are missing the product costs/groups page

If you're missing some SKUs on the products costs or groups page, read on

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Link My Books automatically adds your products (or SKUs) to your product list.

We detect SKUs in the following reports:

  • Payout/Settlement reports

  • Inventory reports

  • Tax reports

When we detect a new SKU in any of these reports we add it to your list of products displayed on the Product Costs and Product Groups pages.

Missing some SKUs?

Since we only add SKUs as we detect them it is possible that as you add new products to be sold to your sales channels it may take a while before we see them in any of the above reports.

Rest assured though, once they have been sold they will appear in the payout file and we'll detect them at that point (if not before via one of the other report types).

Can I add SKUs to the list manually?

If you're using our COGS tracking feature or Product Groups feature you may want to bulk upload your product costs or groupings.

When you download your product file from Link My Books it will only contain the SKUs that we have detected. If you want to add others to it, please contact support.

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].

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