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Some of my products are missing names

Why some SKUs show the SKU as the product name

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If some of your products are showing the SKU as the product name on the Product Costs or Product Groups pages tenths article will explain why. This issue typically only affects Amazon accounts so the article will focus on Amazon only.

Where Link My Books retrieves product details from

We get your list of SKUs from a few different places:

  • Amazon Settlement Reports: Any products that were seen in any of the settlements that have been imported into your Link My Books account are added to your product list.

  • Inventory Reports: We download inventory reports going back 6-24 months when you first set up your account. Any products seen in any of those reports are added to your product list.

  • VAT Transaction Reports(Amazon Europe accounts only): As part of our work to check every single order's tax liability we download your VAT reports going back 6-24 months so any SKUs seen in any of those reports would have also been added to your product list.

The range we request the reports for varies depending on your chosen Link My Books plan. Our plans include between 3-24 months of historical data so the more historical data you need to further back we need to go with the various reports.

The VAT reports can go back even further if for example you have a refund for an order placed a long time ago then we need to request the VAT report for the date of the original order to check it's tax liability and group it accurately.

Why would a product be missing a name?

The reason the product names or titles are missing is normally down to you not having those items showing in your seller central inventory list anymore so when Amazon generate the above reports for us they do not pass us the product names, just the SKUs.

Unfortunately, if the SKU name is no longer available on Amazon then we can't get it either.

How to allocate product costs/groups when the product name is missing

In terms of entering costs for those items or grouping them into product groups for VAT purposes, these products are likely from much older settlements for periods you have already accounted for, so you might not need to.

One thing that the Link My Books support team can do if you want to show only SKUs in your product list that were seen in settlements rather than in the other reports is set your SKU list to show only active SKUs, meaning only products seen in settlements will be shown and not those seen in the VAT reports or Inventory reports.

Please note that doing so may affect your Inventory Report in Link My Books as some SKUs would no longer be included even if they were in inventory now until they were seen in a settlement report.

The other option is to simply allocate a cost of 0.01 to any SKUs that have no name, knowing that this cost will likely never be used anyway since they are almost always for SKUs that are really old and no longer in your inventory.

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].


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