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Why are some of my settlements showing Awaiting VAT?
Why are some of my settlements showing Awaiting VAT?
What the Awaiting VAT status means
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If you have connected a European Amazon seller account to Link My Books then you will notice that some of your settlements may be showing the status "Awaiting VAT". 

This is perfectly normal. Link My Books uses the VAT Transactions Reports from Amazon to accurately group your sales income into different tax groups so that sales such as Zero Rated EC Business Sales, Sales Exported Outside EU or Sales Taxable in other EU Countries are separated from your normal sales so that you can apply different VAT rates to them.

Whilst you may not have any of these types of sales in your account, it is best for us to check if you do to avoid you overpaying VAT on them.

Because Amazon doesn’t generate these VAT Transaction Reports until the 5th of the following month, we show the status "Awaiting VAT" in the mean time.

So if you have a settlement that contains January data, then we will have the VAT report for the January month on the 5th of February. Until the 5th February that settlement would show as Awaiting VAT and then once the VAT report has been processed on the 5th February, the settlement would show as "Ready to Send".

What about split settlements?

When settlements span more than one month we split them into different parts to keep your monthly reporting correct. 

This can mean that if you have a split settlement that part of it can be ready to send and part of it could still be awaiting VAT data.

If you have any questions regarding this please open a conversation with support via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of any page.

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