Import VAT and Custom duties.

Steps to take when part of one of your Amazon settlements include Import VAT and Custom Duties

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Occasionally you may encounter settlements that include Import VAT and Custom Duties, yet the data sent over from the sales channel has not separated these components.

This is how the data will appear in your settlement in Amazon for example if you have Amazon Fees allocated to Reverse Charge 20% -


Therefore, when exporting the settlement to Xero or Quickbooks, it is necessary to edit the corresponding Invoice (Xero) or Journal (Quickbooks).
The pre-existing line must be deleted and replaced with two separate lines covering the Duty and VAT, respectively.

The Sales Channel's Report will clarify the breakdown of these elements.
Then, the Duty must be allocated to the Amazon Fees and the VAT to the VAT Account.

The CDS Entry Document can be accessed within the Seller Central by going to Inventory >Shipments> Open the specific Shipment> Select 'Step 3 - Add customs information and print box labels' > Within this there is a 'Customs Compliance' section.

We would always suggest consulting with your accountant to help you with these amendments.

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