How the Inventory Values page works

How to track month end FBA inventory values

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The Inventory Values page shows a summary of your month-end FBA inventory values.

You will find this page in the Inventory menu:
Inventory > Inventory Values

What data do we use to form this report?

We use the Amazon Monthly Inventory History report.

To access it from Amazon Seller Central you can go to:

Reports > Fulfilment by Amazon > Inventory > Inventory Ledger

We take all the sellable inventory and use that to form our Month End Inventory Report.

There is now an option view inventory by country.

Here is what Amazon describe it as:
For FBA sellers only.

Tab-delimited flat file report. Contains historical monthly snapshots of the seller's available inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers including average and end-of-month quantity, location, and disposition. Content updated daily.

How to use the Inventory Values Reports

Summary Report

The summary page shows the month end inventory reports, with a total value of the products you have at Amazon warehouses, the total units and the number of SKUs. 

If you have not entered product costs for all SKUs included in a report then you will see and orange exclamation mark in the Product Costs Entered column.

Enter your missing product costs on the Product Costs page. Once you have done this a blue check mark will show in the product costs entered column.

Detail Report

Each inventory report can be viewed in more detail by clicking the view icon in the action column.

The detailed report shows a SKU breakdown.

Should you have any questions or suggestions for the inventory report then please get in touch.

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