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How to migrate from A2X to Link My Books
How to migrate from A2X to Link My Books

Step by step guide to copying your settings and mappings from A2X to Link My Books

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If you’ve made the decision to migrate from A2X to Link My Books for your e-commerce bookkeeping automation, then firstly - great choice!

Hundreds of e-commerce sellers and accountants have already made the switch and the good news is it’s super easy to do so.

There are 4 steps to migrating from A2X to Link My Books:

Step 1: Start a free trial of Link My Books and connect your sales channels

Step 2: Copy your A2X mappings over to Link My Books

Step 3: Stop A2X posting data to your accounting software

Step 4: Start posting data from Link My Books to your accounting software

Step 1: Start a free trial of Link My Books and connect your sales channels

Start a free 14-day trial of Link My Books and follow the steps to connect your first sales channel and your accounting software.

When you have finished connecting your first sales channel and bookkeeping system you will see this screen:

To ensure a smooth transition from A2X to Link My Books we’d recommend taking the free 1:1 Setup Call option. One of our in-house accountants will help you get your account set up and migrate your A2X mappings over.

Step 2: Copy your A2X mappings over to Link My Books

When you migrate from A2X to Link My Books it’s always wise to copy over your A2X mappings to ensure a consistent approach to your bookkeeping. Since Link My Books and A2X deal with the mapping of accounts in a similar fashion this should be relatively straightforward.

As mentioned previously our team of in-house accountants are more than happy to help you with this on a free 1:1 onboarding call and we highly recommend that you do it this way to ensure a seamless migration.

If you want to do this yourself then please follow these steps:

Log in to your A2X account and navigate to the Accounts & Taxes page:

Take note of all the accounts you have used for each of the different transaction types.

Don’t worry about the tax rates, Link My Books has a super easy wizard to get these set up correctly.

Now head over to your Link My Books account and you should see the setup wizard page (once you have connected your first sales channel of course):

You’ll probably notice that Link My Books simplifies the transaction categories into 10 top-level categories during the setup wizard.

Just match up your A2X mappings the best you can at this stage, we’ll be fine-tuning them after we complete the wizard.

Here you’ll find how A2X transaction types fit into Link My Books top-level categories:


Link My Books

Product Sales


Shipping Income

Amazon Sales

Product Refunds

Amazon Refunds


Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursements


Commissions and Selling Fees


Refund and Return Fees

Subscription and Service Fees

Amazon Seller Fees

Amazon Delivery and Transport

Fulfilment and Warehousing

Shipping Expense

Amazon FBA Fees


Amazon Storage Fees

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising Costs


Amazon Sales Tax (US sales tax only)


Amazon Loans

Pending Balance

Reserved Balance

Amazon Reserved Balances

If you want to fine-tune your Link My Books mappings to completely match how you had them in A2X then you’ll need to first complete the setup wizard and then visit the Account & Tax Mappings page via the Accounts & Taxes menu in Link My Books.

This page will look something like this:

You can then expand open each of the 10 top-level categories to reveal the individual transaction types contained inside.

Then you’ll see this:

In this example, we’ve highlighted Shipping and Shipping Promotion. A2X

To match the mapping from A2X we can change the account for Shipping to Amazon Shipping and the Shipping Promotion to Amazon Promotions.

We can then repeat this for any other transaction types we had mapped in A2X that were not taken care of during the Link My Books setup wizard.

Top tip: We highly recommend that you book a 1:1 call with one of our in-house accountants to go through this together to ensure your mappings are exactly what you require and match what you had in A2X.

Other things to consider during migration

COGS tracking - if you have COGS tracking turned on in A2X then you will need to enable COGS tracking in Link My Books too and select the same accounts that you used in A2X for your Inventory asset account and Cost of Goods Sold expense account. You’ll also need to copy across all of your product costs too.

Product Groups - if you have product groups set up in A2X you’ll also need to set those up in Link My Books and copy across their settings.

Tracking codes/classes - if you’re using tracking codes in Xero or classes in QuickBooks you’ll also need to copy those over to Link My Books.

Step 3: Stop A2X posting data to your accounting software

Once you have migrated your settings across from A2X to Link My Books, it’s now time to set a line in the sand when you will stop posting data from A2X to your accounting software and when you’ll instead start to do so from Link My Books.

In A2X, under the Settings menu navigate to Auto-Posting and turn it off.

Take note of the last settlements you sent across from A2X to your accounting software as you’ll not want to post those again from Link My Books as you’ll end up with duplicates.

Step 4: Start posting data from Link My Books to your accounting software

With A2X now turned off it’s time to turn on auto-posting in Link My Books. In Link My Books, navigate to Settings > Settlement Settings and then to the Automation tab:

Here you can turn on Auto Posting and select a date from which you want it to be active. Make sure you set the start date to a date after the last settlement you sent from A2X.

It’s often wise to manually send the last few settlements up to the month end from the Link My Books settlements dashboard and turn on Auto-Post from the following month to avoid any risk of duplicating data you’ve already sent from A2X.

What else do I need to do?

Now that you have successfully migrated over to Link My Books from A2X, all you need to do is cancel your A2X subscription, set up your Link My Books subscription plan and sit back and relax.

You’ll enjoy refreshingly modern software with top-class support for, on average, 30-50% less cost.

Be sure to let any other sellers you know that you’ve made the switch and that they should too.

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].

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