Average time to complete setup: 15 minutes
Estimated difficulty rating: Easy

There are essentially 4 steps you'll need to follow to get your new Link My Books account set up and running.

Step 1: Create an account with Link My Books

My guess is you've already done this but just in case you haven't (or you can't because you don't have a Google account) then we'll cover all of that in this step.

Step 2: Connect to your first Amazon Marketplace and Xero account

We'll guide you through a few simple screens to get your Amazon and Xero accounts connected to Link My Books.

Step 3: Choose your accounts and tax rates

Choose between manual selection or use our defaults.

Step 4: Review and send your first Amazon settlement to Xero

Yep - that's it! Once your settlements begin importing you can simply review them and send them to Xero.

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