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How to resolve the "You can only use one foreign currency per transaction" error message
How to resolve the "You can only use one foreign currency per transaction" error message

What to do when you receive SEK or PLN settlements in Euros when your home currency is GBP

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There is a limitation within QuickBooks that doesn't allow you to match foreign currency invoices or bills to a 3rd foreign currency.
SEK and PLN settlements are being converted by Amazon into EUR but then your home currency is in GBP, that's where the issue occurs.

So your EUR account can only match against entries in EUR.

Since these settlements are sent over in SEK/PLN they cannot be matched with anything other than SEK/PLN accounts or your home currency GBP bank accounts.

Long term, if possible you should instead use your GBP account for SEK payments or set up a SEK bank account (using something like Wise) to receive your SEK funds into.

Short term, one option we have seen other take in the same situation is to set up a clearing account in SEK in QuickBooks and then update the line in the journal entry for the bank transfer, changing it to the new clearing account instead of your EUR account.

Then do a transfer from the new SEK clearing account straight to the GBP account with the amount that was eventually received into your GBP bank.

If you're holding the EUR funds in your EUR account and not converting them into GBP right away then this will be more tricky and as it stands we don't yet have a solution.

We would recommend working through this with your accountant as they will likely be able to help you with setting most of this up.

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