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We make connecting your Amazon and Xero or QuickBooks accounts up to Link My Books super easy.

For notes on adding multiple Amazon accounts please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Pick which Amazon region you want to connect to

We support most Amazon regions. Each region consists of multiple Amazon marketplaces. When you connect your Link My Books account to an Amazon region you connect it to all of the marketplaces at once. The marketplaces for each region are listed below:

Amazon North America

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.ca
  • Amazon.com.mx

Amazon Europe

  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Amazon.de
  • Amazon.fr
  • Amazon.es
  • Amazon.it

Amazon Australia

  • Amazon.com.au

Amazon Japan

  • Amazon.co.jp

Step 2: Click the "Visit Seller Central" button

Step 3: Log in to Amazon and accept the MWS Agreement

Once you log in to Amazon you will see the page shown below.
The developer details should be pre-filled so all you need to do is click Next.

On the next page, shown below, simply check the checkbox to agree to the MWS agreement and click Next.

Amazon will then generate an MWS Auth Token. Copy and paste the Seller ID and your MWS Auth Token into Step 4 on the Link My Books setup process.

Step 4: Copy & Paste your MWS credentials into Link My Books

Give your new account a name so that you can distinguish between multiple Amazon accounts should you have more than one.

Then paste the Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token into the two final boxes and click Verify Details.

Step 5: Click the "Connect to..." button
With your Amazon account successfully connected, the final step is to connect to Xero or QuickBooks. Simply click the Connect to Xero or Connect to QuickBooks button and then click Allow access as shown below.

For Xero:
You may need to select your organisation from the dropdown list before allowing access if you have access to multiple organisations through your Xero logins.

For QuickBooks:
You may need to select your company from the dropdown list before allowing access if you have access to multiple organisations through your QuickBooks logins.

Notes for users with multiple Amazon accounts

If you sell in multiple marketplaces then it's also simple to connect up multiple Amazon regions to your Link My Books account. The same applies if you also have multiple seller accounts in the same regions too.

The process for connecting your first Amazon region and any others after that is exactly the same.

The only difference is how you start the process. To add an additional account simply click the dropdown menu at the top right of your current Link My Books account and select Add new account as shown below.

For more details on how to connect additional Amazon seller accounts see the How to add a second Amazon seller account help page.

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