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Why do I have missing eBay settlements?
Why do I have missing eBay settlements?

Why seller initiated withdrawals don't appear until the next scheduled payout

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If you request an early withdrawal from eBay, Link My Books does not receive the sales data relating to that payout until your next scheduled payout.

Early withdrawals are referred to as seller initiated payouts on eBay.

To check whether the missing payout was a scheduled or early withdrawal you need to head to Seller Hub > Payments > Payouts

Below you can see that this payout is a scheduled payout

Here is an example of a seller initiated payout

What do you need to do next?

If the seller initiated payout is missing from your settlement dashboard you will need to contact the support team and let them know that it was an early withdrawal.

If you are making multiple early withdrawals we advise that you change your payout settings within Seller Hub to avoid this issue.

How to check and change payout frequency

Within Seller Hub > Payments > Payout Settings you can see what your current payment schedule is

If you would like to change it you need to select Manage which will give you the following options.

If you do not want daily payouts we advise that you wait until the scheduled payouts to avoid missing settlements.

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