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Dealing with early withdrawals from Walmart
Dealing with early withdrawals from Walmart

How to account for early withdrawals from Walmart

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When you opt to take an instant payout or early withdrawal from Walmart, that amount is included in your Link My books summary settlement entry.

It looks like this;

When you see the early withdrawals land in your bank account from Walmart they won't automatically match up to entries from Link My Books since Walmart includes the transactions for early withdrawals as a line item inside the next normal payout instead.

This means you need to manually account for them by assigning the bank deposit for early withdrawals to the Walmart Reserved Balances account.

In our example above, where the amount for the early withdrawal was -$1,600, the bank deposit for $1,600 for the early withdrawal would need to be allocated to the Walmart Reserved Balances account.

This would mean you'd end up with the early withdrawal being shown in the reserved balances account as -1,600 then +1,600, meaning it would net off to zero.

Since the sales and refunds and fees are all accounted for as part of the next normal payout this keeps everything balanced and ensures your accounting is accurate.

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