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Voided or duplicated settlement invoices/journals in Xero/QuickBooks
Voided or duplicated settlement invoices/journals in Xero/QuickBooks

How to check if you might have voided/deleted or duplicated your invoices from Link My Books

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How to check in Xero if you have voided/deleted an invoice from Link My Books

Head to your invoice list and use the Search tab. Ensure you ‘Include Voided and Deleted Invoices’

In QuickBooks, head to Settings - Audit Log - click on All Events - Deleted/Voided Transactions

If the invoice/journal has been voided or deleted, you will need to check the reason for that.

It is possible to unvoid an invoice or journal that has been voided, but you will need to resend it again from Link My Books if you have deleted it.

How do I check if my invoices/journals have been duplicated?

Use the search function with the value of your settlement payout to see if there is more than one in Xero or QuickBooks.

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