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How we retain your data during and after your time with Link My Books

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PDLC Tech Ltd, trading as Link My Books, retains different types of information for different time periods and in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

When you link your Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) and Amazon Advertising API to your Link My Books account we will request and process the following information from Amazon:

  • Settlement Reports

  • Order list  - only if you choose to breakdown settlements by country

  • VAT Transactions Reports - only if you choose to breakdown settlements by tax jurisdiction or turn on VAT report analysis for EC Sales lists

We DO NOT STORE any of your customers data such as name or address.

This information is then stored securely on Google Cloud servers, which are located in Germany, and encrypted and secured with multiple layers of security.

We also store your MWS seller ID and authorisation token securely in the same manner.

We store this information for the life of your Link My Books account in order to show you historical view of all of your settlements.

Removing a marketplace connection

If you remove an Amazon account connection from your Link My Books account we will delete the data specific to that marketplace region connection from our servers immediately. If you remove, for example, your Amazon North American account connection but still have an active Amazon Europe account connection active, then it will not be effected by the removal.

Deleting your account fully

If you choose to delete your entire Link My Books user account we will delete all of your account information, excluding your email and IP address, from our servers. This typically takes around 24 hours to be completed. Deleting your account entirely can only be done by contacting customer support and is an irreversible process.

If, after deleting your account, you choose to sign up for Link My Books again we will not be able to retrieve your deleted information and your account will need to start from scratch.

We retain your email and IP address on file for a period of 90 days after which it is also deleted. This is to stop the abuse of the free trial process.

Deletion of your account by us

If you cancel your paid subscription with us, or if you take out a free trial and then chose not to continue afterwards, then your Link My Books account will be placed in a queue to be deleted.

After 90 days have passed since you cancelled your subscription or your trial expired, your account will be deleted from our servers and all your data too. 

Just like when you choose to delete your own account this process is irreversible. 

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