As standard transactions of the same type from Amazon settlement reports are grouped together into one line item on the invoice sent to Xero.

However if you want to breakdown your sales and Amazon fees by Product Groups you can.

This can be especially useful if you sell products across multiple different VAT rates and need to account for their sales separately.

Step 1 - Turn on Product Grouping

Navigate to the Settlement Settings page and change your transaction grouping setting to Breakdown by Product Group and hit Save grouping settings as shown below:

This will turn on the product grouping feature and add all of your products into a new group called Default Product Group.

Step 2 - Set up your Product Groups

Next you will need to set up your groups themselves on the Product Groups page.

Navigate to the Product Groups tab and click Add New Group as shown below:

Then give your new group a name and save it as shown below:

Step 3 - Group products as desired

Lastly you will move your products from the Default Product Group to their correct group by navigating to the Product SKUs tab and selecting the desired group from the dropdown list on the right of each product, as shown below:

You can also use the dropdown menu to create new groups and remove products from a group.

Step 4 – Set Tax Rates:

To set the tax rate for each type of transaction separately to apply different rates to different groups, simply click the % icon on the product group you want to set the different tax rate for and then select the rate you want to use for all sales and refunds for that group from the dropdown menu as shown below: 

Step 5 - Set Accounts:

To set different accounts for all sales and refund transactions for a product group, simply click the 📎icon on the group and then select the account you want to use from the drop down as shown below: 

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