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missingTreeData - what does this error mean?
missingTreeData - what does this error mean?

What to do if you see the error missingTreeData on some of your settlements

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If you have settlements showing "error!" and when you hover over that error the message missingTreeData appears then this article is for you.

What is the missingTreeData error?

This error occurs if you have changed a setting for your account or tax mappings and the settlement with the error is trying to use the old mappings instead of the new ones. Since the old mappings don't exist it fails and shows this error.

How do I fix it?

This is normally a relatively easy fix.

Firstly try refreshing the settlement(s) in question by either clicking the refresh icon on the action column on the dashboard or if several settlements are affected then select them all by ticking the checkboxes to the right of them on the dashboard and then in the bulk action menu at the top of the settlements table, select the action "Refresh".

Give it 15 minutes and then refresh your page to see if the settlements are now showing as Ready to Send.

What if that doesn’t work?

If this fails and the settlement(s) still show an error please contact support and ask them to reload your settlements that are showing the missingTreeData error.

This will then fix the issue.

Usually a refresh does it but sometimes in rare cases we need to reload the data.

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