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No Option To Send Settlements
No Option To Send Settlements

Troubleshooting Settlements Not Able To Send

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We would typically see this occur if the account configuration hadn't been completed or if you have removed an account previously included in your Link My books setup from your chart of accounts in your bookkeeping platform directly.

Detecting The Missing Information

To confirm the account mappings, head over to the Account & Tax Mappings page from your Link My Books dashboard. Any missing information will be shown as below;

This can happen for various reasons including; not being set up fully at registration, or the account being removed from your Chart of Accounts.

If this is a new issue and you've previously been able to send settlements, you can refer to an earlier settlement to check where these have been posting to previously.

Locating Historic Account Mapping Information

From your dashboard, click the 'Action' menu and select 'View'

This will then give you a full breakdown of where each category has been posted;

Once the account has been re-added to the Account & Tax Mappings page, the settlement will refresh and it will then appear as 'Ready'.

IMPORTANT - Don't change any tax rates on the Account & Taxes Mapping page, if you need to change tax rates use the Accounts & Taxes Wizard instead.

For further guidance on Settlements, see the Navigating the Settlement Dashboard article.

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