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How do I get older data?
How do I get older data?

When your current plan doesn't cover the full amount of historical data you require

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Here at Link My Books, we like to ensure that all our plans are fully customisable and that every customer is getting the most of their plans.

Selecting the right plan is dependent on a number of factors including the number of sales channels you're wanting to connect along with the total monthly orders.

However, we appreciate that there may be instances where adjustments to plans need to be made.

For example, you only have 1 sales channel so are currently subscribed to the Lite plan, however you need more than 3 months of data.

Our Lite plan comes with 3 months of data

Our Pro plan comes with 12 months of data

Our Premium plan comes with 24 months of data

In this instance, additional data can be purchased.

πŸ‘‰Β£49 +vat for 12 months data (equivalent to the Pro Plan)

πŸ‘‰Β£99 +vat for 24 months data (equivalent to the Premium Plan)

Data bundles can be purchased by contacting the support team.

If you have any questions about this article or feedback on how we could make it better please reach out to the support team via the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the page or via email to [email protected].

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