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How can I switch my Link My Books account from one accountant to another?
How can I switch my Link My Books account from one accountant to another?

Migrating your account from one accountant to another

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The process will depend on if the current accountants are the account owners or if they are additional users on your account.

Current accountant is an additional user

If your current accountants are down as an additional user, they can be removed by heading to Settings > Additional Users

From here you can also add the new accountant as an additional user. Once added, they will receive an invite to create a user account if they haven't already and join your account.

Please refer to the How to add additional users to your account for a full walkthrough of the process.

Current accountants are the account owner

It's a straightforward process - no need to set up a new account.

First off we would need authorisation from both the current account owner and the new accountant. Once this has been received, we can migrate the accounts over.

Authorisation can be sent to [email protected], stating the name of the account(s) to be migrated and their approval to do so.

Once approval is received from both the current and new accountants, then we can migrate the account over and update the billing for both parties.

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