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Why are my Shopify discounts not reconciling with Shopify Finances summary?
Why are my Shopify discounts not reconciling with Shopify Finances summary?

Fully discounted orders and why they are ignored by Link My Books

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When a transaction has been 100% discounted, this takes the value down to zero, so in effect, no transaction happened.

When viewing the order in Shopify, you can see the order was created within the timeline, but because there is no payment required, there is no payment gateway associated. Therefore, Link My Books does not summarise this order because it's nill value;

You can validate that by heading to the Finance Summary and drilling into each of the payment gateways, the order number does not appear in any of the lists.

However, if you drill into Discounts on the Finance Summary report, you can see the order is there but the gross sale amount matches the discounted amount;

From an accounting point of view, the transaction nets off to zero and that is why when looking at the Finance Summary, the total of all sales matches the total of the Payment Gateway.

We break down the Shopify Payments payouts as sales, refunds, fees and taxes and then for the other Payment Gateways, we look at all the orders that make up that payment gateway but if the order has been fully discounted, the transaction will not have an assigned payment or transaction and therefore has no payment gateway, so the order is ignored from our reports.

Had the order been, lets say $269 with a discount of $268 (in line with the example used above) and the customer made a payment of $1, then it would have a payment gateway and we would account for the items being sold under Principle, and a discount of $268, leaving the $1 transactional value.

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