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How Link My Books deals with Shop Cash credits on Shopify

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What is Shop Cash?

Shop Cash is a reward available to some Shop customers with billing addresses in the United States. These customers can earn Shop Cash on eligible orders paid for using Shop Pay. Customers can then redeem their Shop Cash either in the Shop app on a mobile device or on Shop on the web. Learn more about Shop Cash.

Get paid with Shop Cash

When a customer uses Shop Cash towards an order, their Shop Cash is applied first, and any remaining balance is paid for with Shop Pay.

Shopify funds Shop Cash, and there's no additional cost to you to accept Shop Cash beyond the Shopify Payments payout fees that are deducted from your payout.

Shop Cash also appears as a payment method in your Shopify analytics, as part of your finance reports.

How Link My Books handles Shop Cash

When an order contains a Shop Cash transaction, the part of the order paid with Shop Cash is accounted for via the Shop Cash gateway summary entry, in the same way that any other payment gateway orders are handled, such as PayPal, Klarna, Clearpay etc.

Here is an example of a Shop Cash gateway summary entry:

In this case $10.00 was the amount paid via Shop Cash, Link My Books has accurately accounted for the sales principal and shipping to the correct sales and shipping accounts and then allocated the Shop Cash credit to the Shopify Fees account.

Then in the Shopify Payments payout (where Shopify credit you for any Shop Cash credits) Link My Books has allocated the Shop Cash credit amount minus Shopify's processing fee of $0.29 to the Shopify Fees account too:

This results in:

  • Sales Principal of $7.57 allocated to Shopify Sales account

  • Shipping of $2.43 allocated to Shopify Shipping account

  • Shop Cash Credit of -$10.00 allocated to Shopify Fees account

  • Shop Cash Credit of $9.71 allocated to Shopify Fees account

In your Profit & Loss Report you would then see:


Sales: $7.57

Shipping: $2.43


Fees: $0.29

In conclusion, everything has been accounted for accurately. Since the Shop Cash gateway summary entry has a total of $0.00 it will be reconciled automatically once sent to your bookkeeping platform.

The Shopify Payments entry will match exactly the deposit you received into the bank from Shopify and therefore will reconcile in one click once sent to your bookkeeping platform.

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