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How to use Link My Books with Kashflow
How to use Link My Books with Kashflow

How to set up Link My Books for use with Kashflow

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If you are using Kashflow then Link My Books does not have a direct API connection available.
However we do support Kashflow and the following article will guide you through the manual setup process.

Step 1: Connect your sales channel

First connect your chosen sales channel using the guidance in this article.

Step 2: Choose manual export option

Once you have connected your sales channel choose the option for manual export instead of connecting to Xero or QuickBooks:

Step 3: Complete the manual connection settings

Firstly download the Customer List and Chart of Accounts templates.

Head over to Kashflow and navigate to the customers page, copy your relevant Customer Code's and Names and paste them into the template file:

You only need to fill in the contact codes and names for the marketplaces you sell in:

Then navigate to Settings > Chart of Accounts and copy your relevant account codes, names, and types and paste them into the template file:

Save both files (keep the file format as a CSV) and then upload them to Link My Books using the upload boxed provided (shown as number 2 here):

Lastly choose the export format you want to use, in this case Kashflow, from the dropdown shown above as number 3.
Then click Continue to tax settings to map your newly uploaded accounts and contacts inside Link My Books.
You can read more about the tax settings process in this help article.

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