The problem

Up until recently we had a feature available in the bulk option menu to allow users to bulk send settlements to Xero.

However this was repeatedly causing issues with users as when more than 3 or 4 settlements were bulk sent to Xero at a time Xero's API throttling limits were hit. 

This meant that sometimes the odd settlement, or even just part of a settlement if it was a split month settlement, would fail to send.

This would then leave the user confused as to whether their settlements had been sent to Xero or not.

The solution

We have since worked hard to improve this and the solution has been to discontinue the bulk send feature and instead add an upgrade to our auto-post feature instead.

The auto post feature is a setting turned on in the settlement settings menu and it allows you to automate the sending of your settlements to Xero. 

Once turned on any new settlements that land in Link My Books would be automatically sent to Xero (from the date at which you turn on the feature).

Auto posting of settlements is managed by a clever algorithm which staggers the sending of settlements to Xero to ensure we don't hit their throttling limits when sending multiple settlements.

The upgrade to this has come in the form of users now being able to set a historical date when they want to automatically post settlements from.

How to backdate the auto post feature

If you have settlements waiting to be sent in your Link My Books account and you want to send them all to Xero without having to click send on each one, then follow these steps.

Step 1 - Identify the date when you want to automatically send your settlements from.

Step 2 - Work out how many days have passed since that date.

Step 3 - Activate your auto post feature, backdating it that many days.

For example if you have 1 years worth of settlements in your Link My Books account but you only want to send the ones from May 24th onwards, then you would:

Step 1 - The date you want to automatically send your settlements from is May 24th 2019.

Step 2 - A quick Google of "days since may 24th 2019" gives me 174 days (at time of writing this).

Step 3 - Activate the auto post feature from the Settlement Settings page in Link My Books and enter 174 days as the number of days to backdate the auto posting.

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