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Tracking SKU COGS over multiple Marketplaces
Tracking SKU COGS over multiple Marketplaces

To be used when you would like to track the same SKU over different marketplaces

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We have just launched a new feature whereas you can now track the COGS of the same SKU over multiple marketplaces.

To enable this, please get in touch with support at [email protected].

Once we have confirmed this is now active, you will need to take a couple of steps;

Firstly, head to Inventory > Product SKUs and ;

Download the Bulk Upload CSV file;

Below is an example of the file you will see;

The next step is to add each SKU below the 'Default List' for each marketplace you'd like to track along with the costs. For example, here's what the file may look like if you wanted to track

It's important to spell the marketplace EXACTLY the same as we do.

You'll then need to re-upload the file;

When the reports for the SKU's are generated, it will then detect the assigned marketplace.

If there are any missing, it will use the 'Default' group.

πŸ‘‰ If you have any follow up questions after reading this article then please get in touch with support via the blue message widget at the bottom right of this page.

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