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Rollback feature - how does it work?
Rollback feature - how does it work?

Rollback settlement entries in Xero or QuickBooks as if they never happened

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How does the Rollback feature work?

When you rollback a settlement you effectively undo and remove all associated entries posted from Link My Books to your bookkeeping software.

If the settlement was a split-month settlement and therefore contained 2 parts then both parts will be rolled back.

If you are using our COGS tracking feature and the settlement entry includes a COGS adjustment that entry will also be rolled back.

The finished state is as if you never sent the settlement to Xero or QuickBooks in the first place.

What if I have already reconciled the entry on the bank statement?

As part of the rollback process, we first remove any matched payments, and then the entries themselves are voided.

You can then re-send new versions and re-reconcile those versions against the bank statement lines.

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